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Fitness Swears from FlyWheel’s Alex Robinson

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Talking with Alex Robinson is fun. Not just because of his awesome British accent, but because he’s highly personable and super knowledgeable about fitness. As the managing lead instructor for FlyWheel in New York City, Alex oversees 80 instructors across 10 studios in a dynamic, fast-paced, and fun environment. Whether it’s his students or instructors, Alex has no problem keeping a group in line. Maybe it’s because he was previously a police officer in the UK, specializing in intense situations where he was called on to maintain public order. So, yes, we’ll pedal faster if he tells us to. Alex was always into weightlifting and training and he eventually got into spinning, finding his way to FlyWheel in DC and then New York in 2017.  His wellness philosophy is “simple is better,” which we dig. He says to pay attention to nutrition labels and pass on the stuff with fillers. His POV is no fluff, all substance, which is why we asked Alex for some honest opinions on the best gear to keep your fitness game going. Here, 6 things Alex swears by:

1. Hyper Sphere by Hyper Ice

“Foam rolling is so important and it is something that often gets neglected. We spend time working out and living busy lives, so an additional 20-30 minutes of maintenance is hard to fit in.  The issue is that if you don’t look after your muscles, you wind up compensating in ways that can lead to injuries. The Hyper Sphere is like a vibrating lacrosse ball combined with a foam roller. The various settings and pulses give a deeper tissue massage and help to roll out shortened and fatigued muscles. It gets pretty intense.”

Ice, Ice, Baby

2. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Drink

“Protein is so vital post-workout because your muscles are catabolic and they need quick nutrition. When it comes in liquid form, it is a very efficient way of getting nutrients back to the muscles quickly. However, I would never rely on supplements wholly. You wouldn’t want to have six of these in a day. I try and get between 20-30 grams of protein post workout probably within 30 minutes after finishing. If I don’t carry one of these around, I have a bottle stocked with a homemade protein shake.” 

Zero Carb Protein

3. TRX Training Kit

“TRX was designed based on a parachute; it’s very handy and very portable. You can use it just about anywhere. It’s very effective for stabilization and endurance, and the variety of exercises can give you a whole body workout. You never want to work solely on one move or muscle group. The TRX is a great tool to work on stabilization and compliments the work you do when running and cycling. When I go on vacation, I take this with me because you can hang it on to a tree or hook it anywhere.”

Train and Travel

4. Barney Almond Butter

“It has palm fruit oil and roasted almonds so it’s literally got those two ingredients and no added sugar. I love to blend it into a protein shake and it transforms into a milkshake. It’s also a very good as a snack on the go. Almond butter is high in unsaturated fat, which is good for your cardiovascular health; it’s not something you want to overdo, but it’s something that can be very beneficial.”

Butter Up

5. New Balance Trinamic Tight

“I’m a big fan of these and find it difficult to teach without them. They’re great for when building up a sweat as they decrease the amount of chafing. Guys know what I mean. They are so comfortable with a very mild amount of compression. And, they’re slightly reflective, which can be very helpful for people who go running.” 

Flywheel has branded swag

6. Nike Apple Watch

“I use it to record workouts, particularly with the stopwatch for reps and sets. I also like that I can glance quickly at messages and not get too distracted by texting back. You never want to be one of those people sitting at the gym texting. I really like the health tips that come with it, like a suggestion to just sit and close your eyes for 60 seconds and focus on deep breathing. It’s very relaxing. Some people worry that a device like this will make you too connected, but in a strange way, I think it connects you less.”  

Count your reps
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