Swear Profile February 20, 2018

Bounce a Quarter Off These Swears: Pilates Pro Nicole Stuart

When you grow up the daughter of a Las Vegas showgirl, you pick up a beauty secret or two. Meet our friend, Nicole Stuart, fitness expert and private Pilates instructor to some of Hollywood’s hottest bodies. (Hi, Kate Hudson. We love you and your leggings.) Nicole’s impressive dance background inspires her signature style of Pilates, which also borrows from yoga and cross-training principles. We’re more fit just thinking about a session with her. Nicole is one of our go-to sources for Swears because she’s ever-curious and a dedicated, lifelong learner. She’s our mind/body/spirit expert who’s always taking theater and writing classes, studying Buddhism or keeping up with the latest in greatest in anti-aging products. Nicole is constantly upping her game, and we reap the benefits. Check out what Nicole swears by to keep the glam going.

1. Verbella Healing Gel

“This aloe and tea tree healing gel has been my must-have since my 20s. I cake it on at night to calm and soften skin. It heals everything. I really do swear by this.”

Shop Verabella

2. Fabletics Workout Gear

“I live in workout gear for my job, so I need something that is versatile. The fit is amazing, the colors are fun and it’s affordable.”

Kate Hudson, Kate Hudson, Kate Hudson

3. Nice Skin Beverly Hills Goat Milk Cream

“Of all the moisturizers I’ve ever tried, this is my favorite. It’s so gentle and smells fresh. I use it everywhere.” [Editor’s note: We tried it and love it, too! Super nourishing and moisturizing, chock full of amino acids.]

Nice Skin

4. WithinUs TruMarine Collagen

“I make a shake using this every single day. My nails are insane because of it. “

You need Collagen

5. Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules

“A splurge, but worth every penny because this serum is so concentrated and gets results. I notice a difference immediately in my skin’s firmness and radiance when I use it.”

Movie Star Skin
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