SwearBy Gift Guide November 30, 2017

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed: The Hostess Gift Guide

Being the hostess with the mostest is no easy feat. Don’t let her work go unrecognized. The hostess was nice enough to have everyone over…and bless her, now you don’t have to. Wine, champagne, and flowers are classic choices for hostess gifts, but we polled the SwearBy community to compile a list of positively sweet gifting alternatives that will bring your social etiquette up a notch. Plus, most of our items are priced on par with that bottle of bubbly.

1. Brooklyn Slate Co. Serving Slab

“I’ve given a slate cheeseboard from Brooklyn Slate Co several times as a hostess gift. It has a pretty burlap storage bag and arrives tied with a little rustic twine. It’s always a nice touch to buy some great cheeses and dried fruits to bring along.” – Michelle 

Platter up

2. Mancala

“If you don’t know Mancala, it’s an ancient game where the objective is to capture the most stones on the board. It involves a little strategy and counting, so it’s a game that kids can grasp, as well. It’s a fun and unexpected alternative to wine, for the hostess who has everything!” – Lori

Discover Mancala

3. Cherry Bombe Cookbook

“This cookbook is the bomb…see what I did there? Corniness aside, this is a beautiful book that you’ll happily display in the kitchen. And, all the recipes are from female chefs, for that extra touch of badass, can-do vibes going into the New Year.” – Kate

Da Bombe

4. East Coasters/West Coasters

Our bi-coastal photographer friend Elizabeth gives these whimsical-chic coasters because most of her friends are NYC/LA transplants. But, no matter if you’re bi-coastal or somewhere in between, these entertaining essentials are design-y and fun, with a quirky play on words that makes them a hit every time.

Coast to Coaster

5. Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Soap

“The packaging is so beautiful and the scent is even better. It’s a great gift because it’s the fancy soap that they’ll actually use!” – Inge

Soap Star

6. Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Air is the enemy of wine, as it causes the oxidation process that make wine deteriorate once opened. SwearBy user Sarah is a fan of this little vacuum sealer because it can keep an open bottle of wine fresh for up to a week. And, at a great price point, you could still bring the hostess a bottle of wine to go with it!


7. Sunday Forever Sage set

Sage gets rid of negative energy in a room, so what better way for the hostess to really clean up after all the freeloaders have left the party? Or, it’s a great gift to start a cleansed New Year. Our friend Ashli, who happens to run Sunday Forever, says “Just open a window, light the sage, and let it smoke. Bring it to every corner of the room and then watch as the smoke that’s carrying the negative energy goes out of the window.”

Sunday Forever Sage

8. Malin + Goetz Vetiver Candle

Candles are always well-received because they warm the home and are a personal touch, without being too personal, as long as you stick to crowd-pleasing scents. “This candle is understated but so artfully done. Beautiful packaging and a clean, subtle fragrance that has an energizing quality.” – Laurel

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9. The Morning After: Coffee + Mug

Nothing says “tonight’s going to be a good night” like “you’ll need coffee in the morning.” Our friend Anahita swears by this coffee staple because of the “retro street packaging” and a yummy taste that’s “perfectly in the middle” of fancy and low-brow. To make it giftable, add a cheerful mug and present in a bag of your choice.

Be Your Own Barista

10. Yeti Tumbler

When a Yeti was posted in the SwearBy app, folks chimed in with how much they love theirs. Our hilarious friend Vicki swears by her Yeti, maybe because on hot summer days she’s been known to put her cocktail on ice in one of these bad boys and really enjoy her day at the beach. She’s given it as a gift because of its “out-of-this-world temperature control. Coffee stays hot, your cocktail cold. And the best part…throw it in the dishwasher.” Also monogram available on the Yeti website.

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