Swear Profile November 21, 2017

“Your Brows Frame Your Face” and Other Life Lessons from Kim Peterson

If you’re lucky enough, you probably know someone like Kim. She talks loudly, laughs easily, and can’t walk down a street without bumping into someone she knows (Kate swears that Kim is the unofficial mayor of Park Slope, Brooklyn). Somehow, Kim manages to find time to coach little league, chair the school auction, raise two sinfully delicious children, hold down a major business development job, and look flawlessly pulled together. She’s a brow connoisseur (“they frame your face”), interior design expert (she chimed in on our office design), and Bud Light devotee (“keep it light, friends!”). Despite that last one, or maybe because of it(?!), when Kim Swears, we listen. Here are her Top 5:

1. Rubis Switzerland Gold Slant Tweezer

“Bar none, THE best tweezer out there, and believe me, I’ve tried them all. Pricey, but I’ve had three pairs of Rubis tweezers over the past 12 years. The most precise tips that will grab hold of even the most stubborn ingrown hair. I use these daily and they take years of use before getting dull, but the fine folks at Rubis have that covered too. Just send them in and they will sharpen them for you!”

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2. Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil

“Back in my 20s a dear friend/makeup artist told me, ‘eyebrows are the most important feature because they frame your face.’ I’ve read this same advice in many a beauty/fashion magazine over the years and that’s because it’s 100% true! I love this pencil because I found the perfect color, it’s easy to apply, long lasting, sweat-proof and has an always-sharp tip. I apply by first wiping any moisturizer or foundation off the brows with a tissue to get full access to the skin underneath. Then the color is easier to apply and stays put!”

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3. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

“The only skincare product I absolutely swear by, and I recommend to everyone, at any age, with any type of skin. I apply this both AM and PM after washing my face and before moisturizer/SPF and I’m telling you this nectar of the gods melts into your skin and yields the most radiant, youthful glow! And this is coming from a sun worshipper!”

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4. EZPZ Happy Mat

“These are great at keeping your kids food where you want it…on their plates! Once you drop these part-placemat/part-dinnerware thingamagiggers on your table, they ain’t going anywhere so the kids can actually focus on eating. Works on any surface from wood, to marble, to laminate…super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. They are also very easy to roll up and take with you for eating out or travel. These are great for the little ones, like kids 6 months up to 2- 3 years old.”

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5. Perfect One-Dish Diners, by Pam Anderson

“No, not that Pam Anderson. No doubt the cookbook I return to more than any other in my kitchen. I’ve cooked almost every recipe and each dish has always been a crowd-pleaser! The recipes are so easy to follow, and that says a lot coming from me. On a scale of 0-to-Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I’m somewhere around ‘can follow any direction, but a total mess while doing so’-level, and these dishes always get rave reviews and fool my friends into thinking I’m a wiz in the kitchen. My favorite dish is the chicken and cornmeal dumplings. DEE-lish!”

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