SwearBy Gift Guide December 4, 2017

Because We Earned It: SwearBy Women’s Gift Guide

It’s been a tough year for women, okay? We deserve presents. We polled the women of SwearBy on obsession-worthy awesome things…the things they have and love enough to gift to a friend. You know, stuff she’d swear by, stand behind, and vouch for time and again. The results? Cool things that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers for every gal. Because an awesome thing with a pretty bow just might be what’s needed to get through the rest of 2018. Swear.

1. Lizzy Fortunato Earrings

We’ve heard from multiple stylish sources that these statement earrings are the best way to dress up any outfit…even one that heavily features an apron (shout out to Simone).  The brand, run by twin sisters, has become synonymous with unique, ahead-of-the-curve accessories that are influenced by fine art and travel. Their artisanal yet luxe craftsmanship has earned them an irrefutable spot on our gift guide this year.


Shop the Whole Collection Here

2. Gucci Bee Belt

For the woman who has everything…except a Gucci Bee belt encrusted with rubies.  Our friend Liza bought this on a bad day when she needed some Retail Therapy. Do we really even need an explanation for this one? Look at it. But okay, okay, if you’re really not yet convinced we will say this…it’s Gucci. Liza says “It’s so whimsical and fun, and it makes the most basic thing like a t-shirt and jeans look elevated. And it’s like, hey, you have a waist, who knew?”

Look, it's Gucci

3. Fenty Beauty

Rihanna was inspired to launch Fenty Beauty after years of using the “best,” most expensive beauty products—and still seeing a gap in the industry for products that performed across all skin tones. Very SwearBy. Nicole says that “This lip gloss is honestly THE perfect lip gloss. It has just the right amount of shimmer, works great with any look whether you’re dressing up or down, and it’s amazing on any skin tone.”

View the Whole Collection Here

4. Lululemon Inspire Tight II Mesh

Our friend Jessica says, “These are my favorite yoga pants. Instant tuck and tightening, but you can move easily in them.”  We literally wear them to the grocery store. And to the gym sometimes. The magical Lululemon cut and fabric does amazing things for your, uh, assets.

Available on Amazon

5. Mophie Portable Charger Dock

The only problem with the Mophie is that we can’t use the “Sorry! My phone died I didn’t get your message!” excuse anymore.  We can learn to live with that.  Anahita says she loves her Mophie because “I’m on my phone all day long and the battery drains so quickly. Mophie is my right hand because I can charge my phone on-the-go all day. I have two Mophies and I alternate and charge each one overnight.” Pretty pink unicorn is sold separately.

Charge Here

6. Glossier Wowder

We’re obsessed with really anything from Glossier, but this Wowder is all kinds of amazing.  We think Ashli says it best…“OMG, it’s so good. It doesn’t over-mattify. It helps your skin avoid looking oily and it’s lightweight so it doesn’t look like a mask. It’s finely-milled and has just the right amount of softness.” Powder too specific a gift? Glossier sells great combos of their products (check out the boy brow and haloscope highlighter bundle for only $30) that make gift-giving simple.

Start Glossin

7. Instax Instant Camera

Our friend Leah (pictured) believes there’s something about holding a picture with your own hands.  We agree. Fun, retro, but with modern conveniences over complicated film cameras. We think of them as a party in the palm of your hands and perfect for events, where you can produce an instant keepsake and let the good times roll.

Available on Amazon

8. HUM Nutrition's Clearly Besties

How about a little clean living as we turn the corner on the holiday season? Available for a limited time, our favorite beauty supplement brand HUM Nutrition has partnered with bkr to make sure all us gals are glowing into the New Year. Sarah is obsessed because she says “these actually work! They’re sourced from quality ingredients and are all-natural.” Hum’s Daily Cleanse vitamin promotes beauty from within, and when paired with the super cute bkr water bottle, it’s a gift any skin-savvy woman in your life will appreciate.

Available for the Holidays at Sephora

9. Juliette's Got A Gun

Fragrance is so personal, it’s hard to get it right. But this understated scent is sure to please even the most discerning woman. And, it makes the gift-giver seem super in-the-know.  It’s our friend and fashion editor Anahita‘s signature scent and she says she receives compliments on it daily.

It's not a perfume

10. Quip Toothbrushes

Know someone who takes oral hygiene seriously? Or she’s just a sucker for anything sleek and pretty? Either way, our friend Alexandra swears by her Quip because of its smart design, gorgeous packaging, and gentle vibe. “I’ve been using electric toothbrushes forever, but this is like the iPhone of oral care. It’s very light, comes in fun colors, and has a travel case that becomes a holder on your mirror or tiles. I love that it’s well-priced and they send you new brush heads and batteries every 3 months. They also have a righteous toothpaste that is delicious and not tested on animals.”

Get Quip

11. Simone Perele Bra

Now’s as good a time as any to restock some essentials. “This bra is so lightweight, and yet, you feel supported,” says Jessica. “It’s pretty but it holds up well in the wash, too.”

Unmentionables this way

12. Mario Badescu

A youthful glow is a good gift, isn’t it? Kim seriously has the best skin, and she’s letting everyone know that her secret is this Vitamin C serum. “I recommend it to everyone, at any age, with any type of skin. I apply this both AM and PM after washing my face and before moisturizer/SPF and I’m telling you this nectar of the gods melts into your skin and yields the most radiant, youthful glow! And this is coming from a sun worshipper!”

Glow, Baby

13. Adidas Slides

Our fashion stylist friend, Inge, always has cool but comfy footwear. She of course does the Adidas sneaks, but loves these slides as an at-home slipper or open-toed sandal for warmer climates.

Score this way

14. Brixton Hat

Our friend Katya swears by this Brixton hat as an instant outfit-maker. “I’m a big hat person. They’re a huge confidence-booster for me because they allow you to transform any look into something chic and put-together.”

View on Amazon

15. Madewell Jeans

The jeans we hear everyone swearing by: Madewell. Our friend Lizzy loves these jeans because they are perfectly high-waisted, comfortable, and cute. “I’ve tried every other pair out there, even the expensive brands, and I’m always left disappointed and then come back to Madewell.” A good fit can be tough to get right unless you know her size…so maybe a gift certificate or an IOU for brunch and a shopping trip are in order. We know…anti-climatic, but…she’ll definitely thank you for this gift, once her butt’s looking good in a new pair of jeans.

Madewell Denim
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