Tired of wasting your time with #sponsored posts and fake reviews?
Us too. That’s why we created SwearBy.
We're testing an app that connects smart consumers with honest, awesome product recommendations.

Here's a few things you can do in the SwearBy app:


When it's that good, you'll SwearBy it. Stand behind it. Recommend it to a friend.


Discover what the community loves and browse trending Swears.


Help each other out. Share recommendations for the best products.

Our Story

We think there's a better way to do social recommendations.

On a daily basis, we trade recommendations with friends via a hodge-podge of texts, emails, and plain old conversations.
SwearBy consolidates recommendations for only awesome things.
Thanks to "influencer marketing,“ our social feeds are cluttered with BS sponsored stories and super awkward #ad posts.
We think that if you have at least one friend, you're an influencer, too.
Product reviews are too anonymous. Who is this person, and why should I trust him/her?
You trust your friends…the ones with good taste, anyway.

A Note from Kate, Founder of SwearBy

swear icon

Hi, there. I’m Kate, the Founder of SwearBy. I’m originally from California, I’m a Capricorn, I dislike bananas, and I’m married to my college sweetheart. We live together in Brooklyn with our two kids.

I’m a consumer-obsessed retail fanatic. I’ve spent my career (to date) working as a marketer for beauty and fashion brands, and I increasingly started to feel that digital advertising practices were not consumer friendly. I created SwearBy because I want to help people find awesome products – not the junk that marketers try to jam down your throats (ehem, guilty) through “influencer marketing”, which involves paying bloggers ridiculous sums of money for disingenuous #sponsored posts. I’m over it, and most consumers are, too.

Authentic recommendations are happening all around us in texts, conversations and email threads, between friends and casual acquaintances standing in line at a coffee shop. The motivation is simple: it feels good to share really great insights.

That’s the spirit we want to capture with the SwearBy community. We’ve designed an app that trades honest-to-goodness product recommendations for the best stuff around, relying on friends and enthusiasts, not paid bloggers or anonymous product reviews. When you really mean it, it’s a Swear. And when you Swear, it’s gotta be good.

So, thanks for stopping by. We want to know…what do you SwearBy? Why not download the app now and join our little social (media) experiment? Because we think you’re an influencer, too.



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