SwearBy is a word-of-mouth marketplace

for only awesome products, by and for discerning women (like you).

Hi, there.

We bring stylish, smart, discerning women together to share all the things they love, trust, obsess over…and, yes, swear by. No BS recos, only straight-up honesty and killer curation, so that you can get on with it and shop only awesome products, all the time.

-Kate Foster Lengyel
Founder of SwearBy

How do we do it?

You know that great feeling when a friend clues you in on something she truly swears by? It’s like that. And you’re about to get a lot more friends.

Meet the Editors.

The coolest women on the planet are on our virtual masthead as SwearBy Editors.

An invitation-only crew of women with experience and style who share their Swears – not because they’re paid – but because they really mean it. They take an oath and pinky swear to share their favorite things to help you find your next favorite thing, faster.

They Swear because they care.

Why do we do it?

We’ve worked at a lot of great places and met a ton of amazing women along the way. And all of these women in all of these places shared their beauty secrets, coveted products, and favorite finds – the things they are super passionate about – and it made our lives better. We wanted to replicate that genuine experience for everyone. Without all the BS.

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