Swear Profile November 27, 2017

5 City Girl Swears: Sara Oldmixon

You know that gal on the subway, looking twice as chic as you with half the effort? The one that makes you kick yourself, wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Meet our friend Sara, fashion marketer extraordinaire and resident cool girl. As a graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Sara gives us high fashion vibes with a more approachable city chick twist.  We trust her for a good Swear because, aside from the aforementioned coolness, she’s the kind of friend you love to have around: super sweet but not a pushover, laid back but hardworking, with an easy laugh that’s completely genuine. She keeps it real and wouldn’t lead us astray. Living in Chelsea with her best friend Maddie and puppy Benji, Sara is a self-proclaimed homebody, yet she always seems to wind up in the center of something fun and amazing. So let’s all be friends, and follow along for this real (and really cool) NYC girl’s Top 5 Swears:

1. French Girl Organics Sea Spray

“I usually wear my hair naturally and add just a sea spray for some waves. The salt in most sea sprays tend to make my hair crunchy which I don’t like, but this one has rose and jasmine in it, which leaves your hair super soft while holding the waves all day.”

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2. Pawbo Dog Cam and Treat Dispenser

“Just plug in this dog cam, and it streams from wherever you set it up so you can watch your pup from an app on your phone. I can check in on Benji when I’m running out for lunch, without having to go home. It’s great because you can put little treats in the dispenser and press a button from your phone to release them. I can talk to him and he can hear me, which makes him happy and sometimes hilariously confused. I can also play a laser game with him from my phone so he can run around and chase the laser.”

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3. Pax Portable Steamer

“I’m not into ironing but I steam everything. I love this steamer because it’s super tiny and works quickly. I can throw it in my carry-on or an overnight bag. Because it’s compact, it heats the water in no time at all, so even if you’re rushed in the morning before work and you want to wear a top that’s wrinkled, you can literally steam it within a minute. Done.”

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4. Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

“I haven’t used it on my body, but I just use it for my hair. It smells amazing and I usually put this on before the sea spray for some extra hydration. It’s super-light and absorbs quickly so your hair is not stringy and oily. It feels good and smells good all day long.”

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5. doTerra Lavender Essential Oil

“I love essential oils and this lavender one is amazing. I need to get a new one soon. I put this on my wrists and the bottom of my feet before bed and I fall asleep within 5 minutes. I also put it on bug bites or any cuts instead of using cortizone or other medications. My skin is very sensitive to bug bites and this soothes and calms a bite or any irritation without having to use chemicals.”

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