These Swears are “Next Level.” What Fashion Expert Liza Suloti Swears By

She has great hair, fab taste, and talks in witty, snappy soundbites. Check out the products that publicist Liza Suloti swears by.


Bounce a Quarter Off These Swears: Pilates Pro Nicole Stuart

Nicole Stuart has spent the last 20 years as a Pilates instructor to Hollywood's hottest. She always knows the newest, latest, greatest and shares what she swears by.

Swears from Our LA Beauty Guru, Leah-Vail Soloff

Natural beauty products are her thing. LA publicist Leah Vail-Soloff shares her favorite products and more.

5 Swears from Object Curator and Prop Stylist Randi Brookman Harris

She knows her stuff. Randi Brookman Harris can usually be found curating objects for photo shoots, but today she's sharing the favorite things that she swears by.

See What Centered Superstylist Cristina Ehrlich Swears By

Celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich keeps it real while juggling a hectic, bi-coastal schedule of red carpet events. See what the hardest working woman in show business swears by.

She’ll Get Your Pulse Racing: Swears from Fitness Instructor Garner Pilat

Music-obsessed fitness trainer Garner Pilat shares some of her fitness Swears to get you prepped to sweat.

Fitness Swears from FlyWheel’s Alex Robinson

Fitness resolution starting to slide? No worries. FlyWheel's Alex Robinson shares some must-have Swears to keep your wellness goals on track.

Fashion Stylist Inge Fonteyne: 10 Obsession-Worthy Swears

When we want to know the best of the best, we ask stylist Inge Fonteyne because she has great taste and sees everything on the market. Here, she shares a few things she swears by.

Swears from the Curators of Cozy: Liz + Lizzy of Lewis

The Co-Founders of stylish nursery brand Lewis, Liz Libre and Lizzy Ott, share what they can't live without (hint: it may or may not involve OxyClean)

Hello, Good Hair Day: 5 Swears from Entrepreneur Simone Tetteh

Former fashion exec Simone Tetteh is the co-founder of the hair-styling resource app Bonnti. Here, she combs through her top 5 Swears.

The Secret(ly Awesome) Santa Gift Guide

Secret Santa Shoppers, look no further. The best gift ideas under $30 sure to please every office mate, even Gladys in Accounting.

Because We Earned It: SwearBy Women’s Gift Guide

It's been a tough year for women, okay? We deserve presents. Check out our women's gift guide curated by the SwearBy community. Honest, not sponsored, and totally awesome.

Better than a Lump of Coal: The Kids’ Gift Guide

Isn't every day like Christmas to a kid? Still, you might need to pick up a present. We polled kids and parents on the toys they swear by and compiled a list of our top 25.

SwearByGuy Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts for Dudes

Fellas. We're on it. The SwearBy community gives us the goods on the good stuff to get for guys this holiday season.

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed: The Hostess Gift Guide

Jam-packed holiday calendar? Elevate your social etiquette with hostess gift ideas, sourced from the SwearBy community.

Life Through Glitter-Colored Glasses: Anahita Moussavian

Optimistic / sparkly / sweet / Anahita, and see what this NYC fashion editor swears by.

5 City Girl Swears: Sara Oldmixon

Beauty secrets, essential oils and the dogsitting gadget that makes her and her pup Benji happy. Here, our friend Sara shares her 5 Top Swears.

The Pied Piper of the Cool Moms: Heymama’s Katya Libin

Busy mom Katya Libin knows a good Swear when she sees one. The co-founder of Heymama shares some of the most awesome things she swears by.

Good Swears in Your Future: Celebrity Spiritualist Angie Banicki

Celebrity tarot card reader Angie Banicki knows the best products for new moms looking to lead a balanced life.

Swears from Bruce and His Human, Erin Matts

Who's a good boy? Erin Matts and her dog, a ginormous Labrador-Mastiff mix named Bruce, share their Top 5 Swears.

“Your Brows Frame Your Face” and Other Life Lessons from Kim Peterson

If you're lucky, you have a trusted friend like Kim who gives honest-to-goodness awesome recommendations. Here's what a Brooklyn supermom and all-around cool chick Swears By.

Six Degrees of Khirma Eliazov: Swears from NYC’s Most Popular Designer

Clutch Swears from chic handbag designer and all-around stellar human, Khirma Eliazov.

Pilates Guru Erika Bloom: Swears for Mind + Body

Our friend Erika Bloom makes self-care and a centered outlook look good. Erika shares with us the Top 5 wellness items she Swears By...

High-Design Swears from Architect Tommy Zung

Surfer-architect Tommy Zung is often traveling all over the world, but he made time to open up his cool suitcase and show us what he Swears By.

Swearing with NYC’s Most Stylish Entrepreneur, Nicole Gibbons

Nicole is the interior designer-slash-entrepreneur we trust for a good Swear. Here, she shares her Top 5.

Swears from Worldly Traveler & Brand Expert Sandey Kang

Sandey Kang, an expert builder of some of Hollywood's hottest brands, shares a few favorite Swears curated from her international travels.

Our Source for Literally Everything: Jessica Wei

Need a spot for dinner? She’s got it. A gift idea? Done. A page-turner? She’s read ‘em all. Our friend Jessica Wei shares her Top 5 Swears.

Swears from “The CEO of Leisure,” Ashli Stockton

The founder of dreamy brand Sunday Forever shares a few of the things she swears by, every day of the week.

“Buy Only Awesome Things,” Says SwearBy’s Kate Foster Lengyel

Brooklyn mom and SwearBy founder Kate Foster Lengyel shares her Top 5 Swears of the moment.

5 Swears From our Fave Boho-Brooklyn Chef

Our favorite chef and catering pro gives us a taste of what she Swears By, in and out of the kitchen.

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